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Thread: Hyperlinks working in OpenOffice but not in Excel after export.

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    Default Hyperlinks working in OpenOffice but not in Excel after export.

    I'm having troubles with hyperlinks in .xls files. I've built a report with an hyperlink pointing to another report. After exporting the "upper" report to excel file, I see hyperlinks are created succesufully (i guess). I mean, if I select the hyperlink cell I see something like =HIPERLINK("http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080/pentaho/content/reporting/reportviewer/report.html?parameter=THIS%20IS%20A%20PARAMETER&solution=test&path=path%2Fsubpath&name=report_name.prpt";"< Details >"). If I click the hyperlink from OpenOffice it opens the web browser and shows me the report perfectly. But if I do the same within Excel it opens the web browser but it takes me to the Home page of pentaho bi server (even if I'm already logged to the bi server) and some workstations need to have Excel. Moreover, when being in excel if I select the hyperlink cell, then go to the function bar at the top and copy only the part "http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8080/pentaho/content/reporting/reportviewer/report.html?parameter=THIS%20IS%20A%20PARAMETER&solution=test&path=path%2Fsubpath&name=report_name.prpt" of the HYPERLINK function, and paste it in the browser navigation bar, it open just fine. Don't know if it's a charset issue, an excel one or what can it be.
    Any help would be really aprecciated.


    Pentaho Report Designer 3.9.3
    Pentaho BI Server 4.8
    Excel 2007/2010
    OpenOffice 4.2
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    Any ideas?

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