Hi everyone,

I got one csv file with various data in like userid, groupids, eventypes and eventtimestamps. The data could be also available in one MySQL-table.

What do I want to do?
- In the last step "play" with that data in analyzer
- I want to add some information to my dataset first, like
  1. Building segments of userids that fulfill certain requirements
  2. Calculate formulas and add them to the measures
  3. Create drills on the timestamps (the timestamp is in date-time-format and my drill should look like Year -- Month -- Day)

Where can I perform those changes in my data in Pentaho?

What I did so far?
- I added the MySQL-table as a data source through the User Console and put it in the analyzer. I saw all the dimensions there but I couldn't create those drills or calculations.
- I tried to work through Schema Workbench and Metadata Editor but it seems that those don't really work when you just use one table where you have stored all the information.

So I am a little bit lost and hope for some advices.

Thanks a lot in advance,