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Thread: Pentaho Drilldown in Bar Chart (Version 5.1)

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    Default Pentaho Drilldown in Bar Chart (Version 5.1)


    I used the drilldown function within a chart in Pentaho Report Designer 3.8.3 and it worked fine. I migrated my reports to the 5.1 Version and the drilldown in the charts doesn't work anymore. Is this a bug? Or did the drilldown-function syntax change?

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    Just made out that the links for each bar are actually generated, but the generated html map with the provided links(usemap) is not linked to the bars.
    Does anybody know whats wrong with the image-map-override attribute?

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    Same here.
    I have a number of reports with drilldown on charts, from BI 4.8. I opened them with the new Report Designer and published to 5.1.
    Almost everything works, but I have problems with drilldown on bar charts.
    Looking at the generated HTML, maps and links seems to be there, but they do not work: the bar in the picture is not "clickable".

    (By the way, drilldown formula on text fields appears to produce a wrong URL, missing a colon at the beginning of the "rest" part, but I will post another thread on this).


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    I switched to Pentaho 5.2 and the problem appears to be solved (drilldown from charts is working again). As far as I could see, the problem in 5.1 was a wrong URL produced for the image map file (the working URL begins with "#generated_/ ...", while 5.1 was producing something like "generated_/.." (missing the leading "#").


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