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Thread: What is the best solution for my project?

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    Default What is the best solution for my project?

    Hi all,
    i want to know the best solution using Pentaho for the following tasks:

    1- i receive by email everyday more than 250 text files containing data as temperature, humidity, co2...etc from different machines (20 machines)
    2- data are all stored in a folder in my computer.
    3- i extract datas, and open excel to see charts everyday, but the task is very heavy and long, doing the same thing every morning and losing time.
    I want to automate this task or semi-auto.

    What i want to do is:

    1- i receive data from local machine as INTERNAL DATA SOURCE and store in FolderA. (i can do with java)
    2- i receive data from remote machines as EXTERNAL DATA SOURCE and store in FolderB (i can do with java)
    3- Store all data into two databases, one is generic database and another is backup (Kettle can do )
    4- Extract , Transform and Loading data from the Generic DB and store into Tables for example TableA for internal datasrouce and Table1 for Machine1, Table2 for Machine2.....etc (Kettla can do)
    5- Finally i want to create a report for each machine using maybe Pentaho Reporting or Dashboard...(???)

    I need to develop with image and more texts.

    For the last point, Should i use Pentaho Reporting, Dashboard or Kettle. or another solution?

    Thank you for help.

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    Hi There!

    1- You could do it via Kettle as well, depends what are the option to fetch the data.
    2- Same as above
    3- I would suggest creating a star schema(s). With central fact table(s) and dimension tables. Also, having at least one date dimension, so that in that way you filter only today's data and will also have flexibility to compare historical data. You can move data to historical DB, if you think it is going to be to much data over time, which will make reports slower and you may not have budget to beef up resources and importantly if you do not have to historical analysis. Off course, you can populate this star schema with Kettle.
    4- It depends what you want to do with your data. If mostly you just have to report row level data, with logos and such, Pentaho report designer will be perfect. Incase you want to more historical comparison, drill down, hierarchical analysis of data, then I would go with creating Mondrian OLAP cube and place Saiku on top of it.

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    Thank you for your reply, i will look for star schema(s). With central fact table(s) and dimension tables and Mondrian OLAP cube and Saiku.
    I will get back here

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