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Thread: Get XML Data - Return Data from Multiple Files/ XML documents at once?

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    Default Get XML Data - Return Data from Multiple Files/ XML documents at once?

    EDIT: Actually I seemed to get it working --

    My error must be somewhere else down the line --- not sure how to delete posts ...


    Hi there--

    I need to grab the same two elements (start_time, end_time) from a number of XML documents that are each named/ generated based on the date.

    So there's a document localhost:8080/schedule/2014-09-22.xml
    and localhost:8080/schedule/2014-09-23.xml
    and localhost:8080/schedule/2014-09-24.xml

    I can set up the XPath and Fields no problem for one document (say, one date above).

    I can also add multiple filenames under selected files.

    However, the output field of 'Get XML Data' seems to only run the XPath/ Field query from the first document.

    Perhaps pulling the same data from multiple XML files like this isn't a functionality of 'Get XML Data' --- but then, why is there an option to select multiple files and add them under File/ Directory?

    Otherwise I guess I can set up 7 steps instead of 1, to pull data from the past 7 days, but if I could condense it into this one, that would be great.
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    Actually, it's a bad move to delete something from a forum.
    If you learn something, why not just share it?
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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