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Thread: schedule Pentaho CDA File

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    Default schedule Pentaho CDA File

    Need suggestion regarding scheduling CDA file on email..
    Is it possible to save xls file to a particular folder on particular time.
    Auto click export to excel button on particular time.

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    I think you can try to do that using an xaction and the Pentaho platform scheduler or you can try using the system scheduler (cron) to call CDA via URL, get the excel, save it somewhere and then email it.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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    Hi Community,

    I have a SQL query with 2 Parameters fromDate and toDate in my dashboard.

    A user can select any date range. But still, users prefer the date ranges for Last 30 Days, Current Week or Current Month.
    The dashboard has some huge data so my SQL queries are getting too slow to load the dashboard.
    So I've enabled the cda cache to make the dashboard reload faster. But the data needs to be updated on hourly basis. So a refresh is required for every hour.
    When I clear the cache the dashboard is too slow the first time it is loaded. So I tried to schedule the query with the CDA cache manager.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to schedule the queries with dynamic parameters.
    How can I schedule the queries with my dynamic parameters? Also is there any way to do clear cda cache for specific queries?

    Kindly suggest your solution.


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    To clear chache for a single query use the "CDA Cache Manager". You can find that option under Tools

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    I am looking for some solutions like

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    You can have a look at the cdc plugin

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    Default Any document to schedule CDC SQL based on time ..?

    Any document to schedule CDC SQL based on time ..?

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