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Thread: custom theme not working

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    Default custom theme not working

    I duplicated crystal from: '/pentaho/server/biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/system/common-ui/resources/themes' and created a new css theme 'tdma', in it's own directory by the same name. I also added the theme to 'pentaho/server/biserver-ee/pentaho-solutions/system/common-ui/themes.xml' by duplicating the entry for crystal and changing the relevant details like so:

    <tdma display-name="TDMA" system="true">

    I have stopped the bi server and restarted. When I login and change the theme to 'TDMA', it is broken. The system can't seem to find the style sheet and everything is un-styled. I have traced the path in the html head section of the pages as: '[server]:[port]/pentaho/content/common-ui/resources/themes/tdma/globalTDMA.css'. I don't know why it is looking in this directory for the style sheet and other assets. I cannot find this directory in order to copy the theme folder into it to resolve the incorrect path issue.

    I have referenced but cannot find an answer to the issue there.

    Any help or advice on this issue is much appreciated :-)
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    It appears this could have been a cacheing issue. Even though the problem was reproduced on two separate machines, I logged in from another remote machine this morning and the theme css is working. Fully clearing the browser cache on the other machines, logging out then logging in again seems to have done the trick.

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