5.2 CE Release Available

Pentaho 5.2 is out! And... CE is also available! Get it at the usualplaces
Changes you'll notice

Of course, apart the huge amount of bug fixes and overall improvements...
New marketplace on the BA server

The new marketplace is ready to be included on the BA server CE distribution. Biggest change is the inclusion of the Maturity Level Classification concepts, so that users and administrators know the maturity level and support implications of each plugin.
A web version of the marketplace

Accessing the Marketplace requires a running version of the BA server or PDI installed. Which makes things a bit hard for people that don't have access to a running version of the BA server or PDI.
We now have a web version of the Marketplace, where one can navigate both the BA server and PDI marketplace entries. Check it in http://pentaho.com/marketplace
A new theme

We have a new theme available in the marketplace! Try the new Emerand theme! Looks sweet, and also gives a great example of how to develop your own themes (and submit them to the marketplace)


A major reset was done on the PRD crosstabs story. All of the jiras were closed as "won't do" and 2 were opened to improve the existing experimental features of crosstabs.
As of 5.1, the existing crosstab interface only allowed a "one way"generation; If a report writer wanted to change some field, he had to delete the element and do again. Also, it was his responsibility to make sure the dataset would be sorted by the appropriate fields. In 5.2 that interface is now editable and the dataset will be sorted appropriately.
If you wanna try it, just flip on the "experimental features" and you'll be able to get it! Supply feedback so we can improve it!

Kettle Platform inspector

I love this one. It's absolutely huge. It's a magical kettle step, part of the BA server utils that allows us to communicate with the BA server, get the list of endpoints made available by it, and in a very simple way execute actions on the platform. From simple things like getting the platform version to automate the creation of users, datasources or even calling Sparkl endpoints.
When published in the BA server, PDI transformation that use this step can do a local execution, bypassing the specified authentication and running with the permissions attached to the current user.
An extremely powerful step, and a fundamental piece in the strategy of bringing PDI and the BA server closer together.
This step is now available on the PDI marketplace, on the baserver-utilsproject.
Ctools on by default - And Sparkl!

Since what everyone does from day one in CE is to install the Ctools (and sometimes they even manage to do it wrong by mixing versions or something), starting on 5.2 we'll be including the more recent stable version of the Ctools and also Sparkl.
Comming soon, CST available in the marketplace

The CST plugin, Community Startup Tabs has been converted to 5.0, sponsored by one of our customers. We'll be making this one available through the BA server Marketplace.