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Thread: Year-Month Line Chart ?

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    Default Year-Month Line Chart ?

    Hi, is is possible to build a chart as the attached one in PRD? I mean having a kind of Year-Month in the X-axis? It would be great for trend charts across two year for instance.
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    I am having an issue because my date fields are broken down to the lowest grainual level which includes year, month, day and time in minutes and seconds. How do I just aggregate to either years or months?

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    I had a similar issue some time ago. What I did was to create an Open formula concatenating the fields "Year" and "Month". Then, you can use this formula in your Chart.
    In my particular case, the formula was:

    =["[Calendar].[Month]"] & "-" & ["[Calendar].[Year]"
    I hope it helps you.



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