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Thread: sum of values

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    Default sum of values

    I would like to use sum function on my own values.
    I am loading data from database to my report, then I am using specific number field with formula expression where I compare loaded data with my own formula.

    number from db formula my number field (result)
    100 if[number]>150;500;0 0
    200 if[number]>150;500;0 500
    300 if[number]>150;500;0 500

    I want do sum of results.
    Is it possible?

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    Any formula or calculation you do on a report-element (number-field etc) will only be used when printing this particular field. You wont be able to reference this calculation elsewhere. To do that use a named Formula-Expression (via Data->Add Expression/Function) so that the result of the formula shows up as new data. Then you can add a sum-function that references this new named formula expression.
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    Fantastic! Thats exactly what i wanted

    Thank you

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