I developed a report where there are 3 parameters, like these:
1. customer
2. order type
3. order year

The query for "order type" contains "customer" parameter.
The query for "order year" contains "customer" and "order type" parameter.

When I select the value of customer, then i can select the value of Order type.
With "Customer" and "Order type" i can select the "Order year".

In pentaho reporting all work fine.
When I upload the file in bi-server, there is these actions:

- If Customer is a drop down parameter, after selecting "Order Type", "Customer" parameter lose the selected value: the drop down selected value is null and it cannot be used from "Order type" and "Order year" query.
- If Customer is a Check box, when i select "Order Type" looking the customer parameters I can't see the check but the selected value is usable for the others query.

Anyone has notice a similar problem?