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Thread: Embedding Pentaho/CTools dashboard in .NET web app

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    Default Embedding Pentaho/CTools dashboard in .NET web app

    I have a Pentaho BI server configured with CAS Single Sign-on. I want to embed the CDE dashboards in a .NET web application also running under CAS/SSO.

    I am having issues with the getHeader/getContent APIs as I cannot get the content using HttpClient (System.Net.Http.HttpClient) or WebClient (System.Net.WebClient). I get an Unauthorized exception when trying to access the resource:

    The Single sign-on is working fine in this environment, since after logging in to my application through CAS, I can browse to PUC home page for that user.

    When I try to get the header and content for a dashboard I see the error.

    I tested my code on another Pentaho BI server, which was not configured under SSO. Over there I was using getHeader/getContent API on my .NET application server side and I was passing WebClient security credentials and i was able to get the required header and content to embed.

    As expected after my embedded dashboard loaded, i had to provide a username /password for the other resources that request data from embedded code. For a prototype it was working fine.

    Has anyone actually tried the embedding when both the application and Pentaho BI server were configured with CAS/SSO.

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    Are you using 5.2? The user/password was reintroduced in the url in 5.2. If you are using 5 or 5.1 it won't work.

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    Thanks flamierd for your response. I am using 5.1.0.x. I will try 5.2.

    When running without CAS, I had to use WebClient (System.Net namespace in .NET) with user/password inserted as Credentials in the WebClient. The user=&password= query string didn't work for me.

    With CAS I was hoping I wont have to provide the user/password neither as WebClient API Credentials nor query string but for some reason it's not working. Also, when running under CAS my program is not expected to have the password since the authentication is handled by SSO.


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    Just an update on this, the getHeaders/getContent API doesn't work under CAS/SSO either.

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