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Thread: Different Drilldown URL from Charts and Fields (5.2)

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    Default Different Drilldown URL from Charts and Fields (5.2)

    On my brand new 5.2 installation, I have a report with a bar chart and a list of fields (based on the result of a query on metadata).
    Both on the chart and on the fields, using Report Designer, I have added a URL formula for drilldown to another report (same server, same solution, passing parameters).

    The formulas as seen in Report Designer are very similar.
    For the Chart:

    =DRILLDOWN("local-sugar"; NA(); {"Category"; ["chart::category-key"] | "::TabName"; ["chart::category-key"] | "::TabActive"; "true" | ":: pentaho-path"; "/public ... <name of the report to invoke>

    For the Field:
    =DRILLDOWN("local-sugar"; NA(); {"Category"; [BC_TYPE_OF_RECORD_TYPE_OF_RECORD] | "::TabName"; [BC_TYPE_OF_RECORD_TYPE_OF_RECORD] | "::TabActive"; "true" | ":: pentaho-path"; "/public ... <name of the report to invoke>

    The only difference I see is the way parameters are filled (for the chart is the category-key of the clicked item; for the field is the field value, and, of course, they are the same).

    The problem is that, while the link generated for the chart is "relative" to the current page, as expected (i.e., it does NOT include the server URL in the path) as follows:


    the link generated for the field is "absolute" (i.e., it includes the server URL) as follows:


    and, of course, it does not work form a browser not running on "localhost".

    The checkbox in Report Designer ("Include server URL in path") is un-checked in both cases, but the result is obviously different.
    I would like my reports to include only relative paths when it comes to drilldown, so as to avoid problems with name resolution on different installations, aliasing, proxying, etc.

    Any idea where should I look/what should I change to obtain the same behavior in both cases (as I said, I would like to obtain only "relative" links, like the one in first example)?


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    I have set, in WEB-INF/web.xml, the name of the server (actually, the IP address) in tag <fully-qualified-server-url>, and the result was as follows:
    - now, ALSO the link generated for the chart includes the full path of the server
    - the link generated for the field is no longer pointing to "localhost", but to the address of the server (as set in web.xml)

    Although working, this is not the final situation I would like to obtain.

    Apparently, the construction of the drilldown link for charts and for fields look in different places, and it is totally independent of what you set in PRD when editing the report.
    Any hints as into what part of the code I should look into to try and understand/fix the behavior?


    Any hints about where I s

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