Hello Guys

I implemented a custom security solution for Pentaho 5.0.1, because we already have a security layer. That's works fine.

The solution consists use of PRD to publish report into BI platform with own auth method (Usertoken). However, since BI platform 5.x uses JCR for repository, I'm not able to keep my solution, because PRD doesn't can access root repository:

Grave: The RuntimeException could not be mapped to a response, re-throwing to the HTTP container
org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.UnifiedRepositoryException: exception while getting tree rooted at path "/"
Reference number: f7be3fcb-44c4-41a0-ba10-227c914f4c41

So I decided to check if it needs multiple providers (My own + jackrabbit).
Can I go into this way or do you suggest a approach useful for this scenario?

Thank you a lot!