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Thread: Pentaho CE 5.2 OpenI Plugin Throws error "Could not get the slicer value null"

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    Default Pentaho CE 5.2 OpenI Plugin Throws error "Could not get the slicer value null"

    I created a Cube in BI 5.2 which seems to be working great in Saiku Analytics yet when I try to run the OpenI Visualization Plugin I get a dialog box with the "Could not get the slicer value null" error.

    I am attaching log file "OpenI_error.txt". I see various types of errors and one of them about my Customer Dimension "contains more than one hierarchy". I'm definitely not an OLAP expert so this does not mean a lot to me yet it does not appear to have more than one hierarchy.

    I do not have any problems nor errors with Saiku and the Cube.

    Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!


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    Just wanted to add a few more details on this in the hopes it will help to eventually increase the quality of the OpenI Plugin for we would really love to have good Visualization functionality in Pentaho BI!

    So I went back to the ‘Bible’ (Kimball’s book “Data Warehouse Toolkit”) and refreshed my memory on Dimension Hierarchies and now agree that yes my Customer Dimension does have multiple hierarchies yet this should not be an issue, even Kimball stated on page 45:

    “It is not uncommon to represent multiple hierarchies in a dimension table . . .”

    So I am not sure why OpenI is generating errors about this. Is it because maybe OpenI can only deal with very simple cubes where each dimension only has a single hierarchy?

    I played with OpenI a little more and see it works fine for "Steel Wheels" sample data yet Steel Wheels is a very simple cube and does not have multiple hierarchies within its dimensions.

    If you study Kimball one of the most valuable aspects of OLAP is to have robust dimensions with lots of attributes and multiple hierarchies allowing you to slice, dice, drill down, and drill up. Not sure of the value of a BI/OLAP tool though that cannot handle multiple hierarchies within a dimension . . . am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for any additional info you may be able to contribute on this matter!


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