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Thread: Problem with simple evaluation and rerunning transformation.

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    Default Problem with simple evaluation and rerunning transformation.

    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to PDI and have a question regarding the use of "Simple Evaluation." I have created a job that calls an API and initiates a data export. The vendor requires us to 1) define the export and 2) initiate a "sync" process, which will stage the data on their end for retrieval. My job can successfully create an export and begin the sync process, but at that point I run into an issue.

    The vendor has an api endpoint like http://.../api/sync/{id} wherein you pass an id and they return a json response with a "status" value. There is no way to know in advance how long it will take to complete the staging process, so I must simply check that json response until I get either a "success" or possibly some error message.

    This basically necessitates a "while" loop, which I know is not generally supported in PDI. I have, however, created something at the job level that should, in theory, work... but it gives unexpected results.

    I have a "sync check" transformation that sends output rows to "Simple evaluation," which in turn checks the status value and if it is does NOT contain "success" it then proceeds to a "Wait for" step, which waits for a minute and then re-triggers the "sync check" transformation...

    The problem I have is that it appears this "sync check" transformation (GET request) is not actually re-initiated, but rather the result from the previous execution is passed on as a result. I know this because I have checked a sync manually and saw that the status value is indeed "success," while the "sync check" transformation is returning "pending."

    Any help is appreciated. Please see screenshot.
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    I can't see what possibly can go wrong if your GET_EXPORT_SYNC_STATUS transformation consists of a JSON-Input and a Set-Variables step. Use that URL as VFS filename and check the variable in your Simple-Eval job entry.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Thanks for your response. It helped indirectly... The GET_EXPORT_SYNC_STATUS transformation began with a "Get rows from result" step, which was causing the problem. I changed the transformation to use a 'get variables' step instead and everything is now working. Cheers!

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