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Thread: Unable to get VFS File object for filename

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    Angry Unable to get VFS File object for filename

    Hi everybody
    i am running kitchen on linux,but sometimes an error occured,the message is below:

    Unable to get VFS File object for filename  '/home/hadaemon/.kettle/plugins' : Could not find file with URI  "/home/hadaemon/.kettle/plugins" because it is a relative path, and no base URI was provided.
    this error is not occured every times ,i saw the code of Kettle i found the class KettleVFS handle the relative path and return a full path which use VFS
            fsm = new StandardFileSystemManager();
            try {
                fsm.setFilesCache(new WeakRefFilesCache());
            } catch (FileSystemException e) {
            // Install a shutdown hook to make sure that the file system manager is closed
            // This will clean up temporary files in vfs_cache
            Runtime.getRuntime().addShutdownHook(new Thread(new Runnable(){
              public void run() {
                  if (fsm != null) {
     FileSystemManager fsManager = getInstance().getFileSystemManager();
                if(fsOptions != null) {
                  fileObject = fsManager.resolveFile(filename, fsOptions);
                } else {
                  fileObject = fsManager.resolveFile(filename);
                return fileObject;
    from the test i know when the fsManager is closed the error will occured and from the code the fsManager will colsed at the jvm exit,why fsManager closed when i init Kettle anybody can help me!

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    anybody is here, i use Kettle 5.0.1-stable

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    anyon can give me some suggestion,thanks

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    If it is a bug and you can prove it, it's better that you report this using JIRA:
    -- Mick --

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