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Thread: PUC reports show old data even when data is updated?

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    Default PUC reports show old data even when data is updated?

    Hi everyone

    I have installed biserver5.1 CE and can view published reports.

    However, when I update my data source (on the same server) I see the old (possibly cached) data?

    Here's what's happening:

    MongoDB is the primary database.
    A script populates a mySQL database from that MongoDB database (on the same server) in order to create tables etc to report off.
    (I'm not great with the Aggregation Framework etc in MongoDB )
    A cron job runs that populate script.
    When the reports are viewed in the PUC, I see old data.

    But when I republish the report (designed on my laptop using localhost as a FQDN and published to the biserver ), I see the latest data.

    What is wrong?
    I would have thought that the report would just soak up all the current data in whatever tables etc it finds.
    What do I need to do?

    Thanks very much

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    Hi everyone!

    Ok, I understand it now.

    I selected the report, and "scheduled" it to run once an hour.

    It shows the updated data.



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