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Thread: Images as external resources in HTML OUTPUT - Pentaho Classic Engine

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    Question Images as external resources in HTML OUTPUT - Pentaho Classic Engine


    First, I wanna say thank you to all the pentaho community for making this project (in my opinion) one of the best BI tools in the world.

    I've embedded successfully the pentaho classic engine into my Java Application using Vaadin 7 as presenter. The problem comes when I try to use an external image in my report and exporting it in HTML format, it just doesn't show up.

    When looking into the HTML there is no IMG tag or something that references the image (note it is external, hosted as static resource in the same domain). I can see it when exporting to other formats like PDF, RTF, XLS. I've searched a lot, and found that when using BI server, depending on the condition (stream or not) the resources are copied to some folder, so the report knows where is the referenced image. In my case, as BI server 5.1 had a bug on authentication via GET parameters, I was forced to embbed it into the application, so the logic of the BI server report generation is black magic for me. I tried to copy the images (if necessary) to the folder where the HTML report resides, so I can use relative paths to reference them, but still not success.

    The way I generate the report from the java application is:

    1) Receive report parameters via GET or POST
    2) Generate report
    3) Place it in a tmp folder in the server
    4) Vaadin generate external resource to stream the content (most of the cases PDF)

    All it works behind a reverse proxy (the static content is served with nginx), and if I verify the static served content directly from the URL is available where the report lies, or where the reports are requested.

    Is there a way to show images in HTML output when I use the classic engine embedded into my java application without appending HTML body?

    Thank your for attention.

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    Well, I would love to yell "RTFM" - but as we have no fun-manual, I can't do that. Let me change that, right now, by writing some better sample code for this.
    I'll be back with it in a bit ..
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    I'm sorry if I made a mistake on my question, I've searched a lot for manuals or other directions to solve this, but nothing pointed me to a result on how to achieve this in my scenario. The only almost useful link I found was this: where he explains the exactly same problem, and how he solved it, sadly the code is wrong, I tried some modifications to make it work but still not success. Code worked with some modifications but images are not generated still. I know time is valuable, thanks for reading this, hope we can solve this up (if not solved yet). And thank you Taqua for your reply.

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