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Thread: Only show steps execution messages on console.

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    Default Only show steps execution messages on console.

    Question from a noobie:

    When I execute a job interactively, it shows the logs in the console.
    The problem is that it shows a lot... and i need the detailed log in a file.

    What i want to do is:
    Get the log file using the kitchen's log parameter.
    And in the console show a message for each step that is running...

    For example:
    Executing extraction...
    Executing calculations...
    Executing inserts....

    and so on.

    is there a way to accomplish that? Any components?



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    I always run kitchen with redirection, e.g.

    Code: > some_log_file 2>&1
    mostly because that's how others set up our ETL here, before I started using PDI. If you used that kind of redirection, then maybe you could do something like this:

    Code: 2>&1 | tee some_log_file | grep Executing
    to view the "Executing" lines on the console while capturing all of the logs in the logfile.

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