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Thread: MongoDB Query Aggregation pipeline Feature

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    Default MongoDB Query Aggregation pipeline Feature


    On pentaho 5.1.0 PDI , we are using a MongoDB Input Step connecting to 2.6.4 mongodb , and using the MongoDB Query Aggregation pipeline Feature with $unwind, but it throws error
    : MongoDB Input.0 - { "serverUsed" : "localhost/****" , "errmsg" : "exception: aggregation result exceeds maximum document size (16MB)" , "code" : 16389 , "ok" : 0.0}

    Has the MongoDB Input Step been fixed to support not having the 16MB aggregation result limit ?

    Thanks ..

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    Did you got solution to this issue? I am running into the same problem...

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    Was there any solution for this?
    I am facing the same issue.

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    The 16MB limitation is generally a MongoDB limitation for Aggregation Pipelines, as it returns a single BSON document with the result. Newer versions of MongoDB (2.6, 3.0) support using alternative methods to avoid this limitation, but the feature was not available in MongoDB 2.4. Starting with Pentaho 5.4, it appears that MongoDB 2.4 will no longer be supported as a data source, which means that it's possible that the functionality could be added now that the feature is available in all supported versions of MongoDB.

    I'd recommend entering an improvement in the Big Data project in JIRA. If you're a customer, feel free to reach out to Pentaho Support who can help with that.
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