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Thread: Run SSH Command with variable substitution (Command Line Argument)

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    Default Run SSH Command with variable substitution (Command Line Argument)

    Dear All,

    I have a small problem to manage and due to my poor coding skills I can't solve it on my own.

    I have a Pentaho Report connected with a Kettle Transformation.

    It's working wonderful getting the inserted Report Parameter in Kettle with the Get System Data (Command Line Argument) Step.

    But I need the Report Parameter value in an 'Run SSH Command' Step Command, so I can run the command with injected report parameter value.

    How do I solve the issue? Any ideas, suggestions??

    Kind regards,


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    njain111 Guest


    If your transformation has parameter defined lets say 'Param1'

    Then you should be able to use ${Param1} in command filed of 'run ssh command' to use your command line param.

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