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Thread: Trouble with "database lookup" and error handling

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    Default Trouble with "database lookup" and error handling

    Hi, I found a few threads where this topic was mentioned but it is still not clear to me what I am doing wrong.

    I have a very simple input table with say 1000 rows I do an (oracle 11) database-lookup step to find rows with a key field
    I check both check boxes

    1. Do not pass row if lookup fails
    2. fail on multiple rows

    I have a write to log as my error step, but when I run the transformation the input to the lookup is 1000 rows but the output is only 998.
    The write to log does not print the two records that supposedly failed the lookup.
    If I un-check error handling it prints every row.

    I'm using PDI 4.2

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    You do want to pass the row when lookup fails, so uncheck box and enter your 3 variable names in the error box and write to log on error.
    Regards Vince

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    Great, that worked.
    Thanks, Vince

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