The quick version:
I'd like to change the format for numerics that are being written to a flat file, but don't have a static layout that would allow me to use field formats or "Select values" to make format modifications. Does anyone have suggestions?

The less quick version:
I have a bulk loading job that supports loading multiple tables into a Vertica database. The job uses a Table input step to retrieve the data.
This Table input step uses the following query to obtain the source data:
The source data then moves to a "Text file output" where the numeric data is getting a '#.#' format applied. (Note: The Fields tab on the "Text file output" is where I would normally apply the format in a static, single table scenario, but due to the dynamic nature of this job, the fields are intentionally left blank.)

I was counting on the metadata to specify data types for each column and this seems to work well enough with the exception that numeric fields are getting an incorrect format applied. I am now looking for ways to either dynamically change the format of columns based on the metadata being supplied by the source database, or to change the default #.# format for all numeric data being written.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thanks very much,