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Thread: "inverted" String Cut

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    Default "inverted" String Cut

    Hey all!

    I need to transform a fixed length flat file from format A to format B. The main difference is that dates in format A are YYYYMMDD while they're YYMMDD in format B. Great, I thought, I'll read in the whole file row by row and for each row I simply cut out 2 characters every now and then using a String Cut. Result was not what I wanted since String Cut doesn't remove the given substring but passes it on - throwing away the remaining string.
    So my question is: is there a function that does the complete opposite, cut out something in the middle of a string and return the rest of it concatenated? Otherwise, I guess the best is to String Cut all the pieces I need and manually concatenate them just before writing back to a file?!?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    When the input is a date field with format yyyyMMdd then you can change the format with the "Select Values" step where you can change it in the "Meta-data" tab to yyMMdd

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    Just don't cut from 0 to 2, use 2 to 8 instead
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Excuse the late reply (and taking this whole thread up again) but I wanted to let you know how I solved this.

    Johan's suggestion wouldn't work since I don't use any datatype - a fixed length file comes in, each row is read as a string in its entirety, the first 2 characters of a year cut out and the rest set together as a "new" fixed length file.
    But in the end I solved it basically as marabu described. A Row - let's say the following: aaaaaaaabbbbbbbbYYYYMMDDccccccccdddddddd - now gets cut to the following 2 strings:
    These are then set back together. My initial thought was (technically) to cut away YY with the string aaaaaaaabbbbbbbbYYMMDDccccccccdddddddd remaining instantly - no explicit concatenation or other changes needed. Turns out in the end, the difference of the 2 solutions is minimal...

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