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Thread: Delivering Dimension tables via a web service connection

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    Question Delivering Dimension tables via a web service connection

    In the statistics agency where I work, we have a well performing and solid metadata layer which can serve up my dimension metadata (codes, labels, hierarchy etc..).
    It would be ideal if I could have Mondrian connect to that web service for the conformed and shared dimension data rather than a database table that has to live in the same database as the fact table.

    Has anybody tried this?

    NOTE: Please assume that my web service can offer the data up fast enough via caching etc.. this isn't the point of my question.

    Cheers ...Jay

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    It would be interesting if you did one of two things.

    1. Use calcite to serve up the structured dimension tables dynamically from the webservice. Think "adapter".
    2. Use PDI EE's JDBC function to create a transform to be the adapter glue that let's mondrian speak SQL like it wants to, but not as you say "LOAD" data into dimension tables that exist next to your fact.

    Just eliminate cache.

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