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Thread: CSV Input with variable Column Number

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    Default CSV Input with variable Column Number


    i am a Student from Germany and unfortunately pretty new to PDI. I have got some expirience with other workflow-design-programms like KNIME or SPSS Modeler.

    i hope that i can make my problem clear even if english is not my first language. I'm trying to read a bunch of .csv files and load them into a staging table for later processing. The problem is that these files aren't quite alike. Some of them have 9 columns and some have 5. But in case of the files with 9 columns i don't need the columns 3, 5, 7 and 9. So in the end i just need the same 5 columns for all .csv files.

    So my question is, how do i tell PDI what to do? I already build a transformation for my .csv files that have 9 columns and it works just fine. In this transformation, i'm reading all 9 columns and use the select value step to get rid of the 4 columns i don't need.
    I also red something about "meta data injection" ( but can't realy reach my goal yet. Is meta injection the right way here?

    I'm sorry if a similar question was asked before in the forum. I used the search function but coudn't find a post that seemed to fit my question.


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    I could solve the problem by my self an further googleling :-) the infos are there!

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