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Thread: JSON Input cannot handle bracket notation with multiple dots?

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    Question JSON Input cannot handle bracket notation with multiple dots?

    I am trying to use the JSON Input step without any luck.

    The JSON I am trying to extract contains keys with the structure (for some reason) "a.b.c.d":"value" and I cant seem to get the JSON step to find the keys.

    The syntax I am trying in the path-section of the step is: $..['a.b.c.d'], but it does not work. Nor does any variations to that... The log shows "We can not find any data with path [$..['a.b.c.d']]. If I try some keys without the multiple dots it works fine.

    Is it the step that is not working or is there some other syntax that I should use?

    I cant find anything on the wiki ( or at

    (When using the bracket notation in code on webpages in a browser with this kind of multiple-dot-json it is working fine)

    I am using PDI 5.0.1-stable.

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    As often, Kettle makes good use of functionality created elsewhere.
    The "JSON Input" step uses jsonpath.js which AFAICS doesn't support dotted property identifiers.
    Since the code is publicly available you can provide a patch to Stefan Goessner, who might consider to incorporate it in his next version of the script.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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