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Thread: Create loops in a job

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    Default Create loops in a job

    Hi all,

    I am completely new to using Penthaho (Kettle), I am very impressed how powerful and friendly tool it is. However I am sure I am not using it to its full capacity. I have heard somewhere that I can create 'loops' for repetitive tasks.

    I have a process --> get a file (Adobe server) from FTP --> create a table --> Bulk load --> Format Data --> Insert into AGG Table --> Drop the table (for bulkload). This process needs to be repeated for 4 channels. So the question is, do I have to repeat the process and change the table names or can I make it easier (clever).

    I have search for loops in a search box but got no results. Any hint would be appreciated. I have also attached the file.


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    Hi all,

    Even I have to run a transformation in loop, to insert into DB the values,Is it possible to loop a transformation. Thanks in advance.

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    Some hints;
    Create a job that performs your basic action for one channel. Use parameters (job/transformation properties) for everything that should be dynamic. Pass down those parameters (done by default) to each transformation inside this job. Access those parameters like a variable (${...}).

    Now, create a new parent job that executes this channel-job. And, set something before this job that submits the variable information for each channel. One channel=one row. This can be a transformation with a data grid and opy rows to result step, or job entry "evaluate rows number in a table" with "Add rows to result" option. Just tick then on your basic channel job "execute for each row" and map the stream values to your parameters.

    This is just a classic concept for a loop. There are way more posibilities to get it.

    And hey - you should change your ftp passwords now...
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    No need to loop over result rows now that we have the transformation and job executor steps available.

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