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Thread: Connect Carte to Repository.

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    Default Connect Carte to Repository.

    Good Morning guys,

    I was able to set up Carte and to run ad hoc transformations. However I am intended to run scheduled jobs, but they fail and inform "no repository found".

    Then I decided to include the repository tag in the XML file that I use to run Carte, and it is as follows:

    <name>LINUX Pentaho</name>


    But, how do I inform the connection string to the database repository? I guessed that I could use a repositories.xml file but I am still lost.

    Well, my carte says this
    Unable to connect to repository: Repos

    How do I complete this config?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you been able to find a solution for this item? I am experiencing the same problem

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    You need a repositories.xml in the KETTLE_HOME/.kettle folder which carte is using, if you connect with spoon to the repository, you get one in KETTLE_HOME of spoon, just copy that :-)
    In your Carte-Konfig XML the value for the repository/name must be the same like in the repositories.xml repository/name
    Same in both XML-files:
    --> <repository>
    --> <name>Repos</name>

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