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Thread: Date Addition/Subtraction

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    Default Date Addition/Subtraction

    Good evening,

    I am trying to extract two dates from a csv and calculate the difference measured in hours and days. I am not sure of the best approach to doing this, so I attempted a solution that probably ended up being overkill and may have some flaws (performance or accuracy) I overlooked. I am hoping someone can provide a bit of guidance.

    First, I extracted the data from a csv with the date fields as text (I have previously had data type problems using other types because the data comes from a suspect source). I should mention that one of the dates is provided as date and time separately, while the other contains both in the same field.

    Second, I add the date and time fields to produce a second datetime value using the Calculator step.

    Third, I cast both fields as numbers using the Select Values step.

    Fourth, I calculate the difference of the two dates as number using the Calculator step and one of the provided functions (A - B).

    Fifth, I copy the calculated difference field from step 4 as number using the Calculator step.

    Sixth, I set a constant (3600000) in the copied field using the Set Field Value to Constant step.

    Seventh, I calculate the "lag" in hours by dividing the value created in step four by the constant from step six using the Calculator step.

    Eighth, I copy the field created in step 4 as number using the Calculator step.

    Ninth, I set a constant (24) in the field from step 8 using the Set Field Value to Constant step.

    Tenth, I calculate the "lag" in days by dividing the value created in step 7 by the constant from step 9 using the Calculator step.

    Like I said, this is probably a really silly way of doing this, but it SEEMED to work well (there may be overlooked flaws, as I am new at this). I took a picture of the ETL but was unable to load it to the forum. What can I do to improve this process from an accuracy and performance standpoint? Any tips for dealing with extracted dates?


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    If you are looking just for date difference then till step4 is enough, but if you need to consider timestamp difference then you need to perform till step10 but i think still if you try harder you can just minimize 1 or 2 steps.


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