We've been doing tons of investments in the Ctools. I had the chance of demoing 2 amazing ones in the always amazing #PCM14:

  • Layout duplication
  • Layout element reordering

Moreover - There was one here where Thomas Morgner did a PCM presentation in PRD; There was, I believe, a presentation done by Matt Casters using PDI. This time, I did my presentation using CDE! The source code of the (of course) Sparkl plugin is here:

Clone directly into system, do an "ant resolve", start the server, and done. You'll have access to a demo that shows what's new in Pentaho 5.2

Duplicate element

Since ever, we could duplicate components and datasource. Now we can duplicate layout elements as well, and that will take into account ids and the children elements. Extremely handy

Reordering of layout nodes

Hand in hand with the duplication of the layout comes the need for reordering the nodes. Now we can simply drag and drop a layout element and specify where it should live. It will also drag the children nodes (obviously) and not so obvious but insanely useful, we can drop it in other subnodes, not only on siblings.

Keeping the important stuff visible

A CDE layout (or components...) can get big. To avoid endless scrolling up and down to access the toolbars we added scrollbars to the components and properties panel. Simple and effective

Showing it all together

Take a look at the following video to see how all fits together!