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Thread: How to format a value inside a formula?

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    Default How to format a value inside a formula?

    I have a simple formula to show either one filed or another in my report. One of them is String and the other numeric. I would like to format the numeric one:

    this is what I have now on a Label type


    and I would like a simple formating, kind of ...


    but cannot find any way to do it.

    PS. I guess I can print both fields on the same location and set visibility only for one of them as a workaround , but formatting a number in a formula should be easy!


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    As long as you don't expect that formatted string to show up as proper number in Excel reports, your approach is fine. You just need to learn about the "MESSAGE(..)" formula function for the formatting part.

    =IF([param];[field1Str];MESSAGE("{0,number,0.000}"; [field2Num]))
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    Thanks Taqua, that will fullfill our needs .

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