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Thread: Extra Spaces in text output

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    Default Extra Spaces in text output


    I am a newbie to Pentaho, so please bear my silly queries...

    I created a simple transformation job to load data from a csv file to text file. So after running the job, I find large number of spaces in output, let me explain,
    Input row,

    Output row,
    100;James ;987654; ;HR

    For integer values it comes fine... but for string, the whole thing gets messed up...

    When setting up the input, I had given data length for integer as 10 and for string I assigned 100.
    From my observation it seems that even the string is of length 5, it will add 95 spaces to keep it to 100 as specified. Am I right?

    Now my questions,
    How do I eliminate these spaces? They are hogging up the file size unnecessarily.

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    Which input (Text File Input or CSV Input) are you using?

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    The spaces should go away as soon as output formatting is disabled.

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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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    Yes ur observation is wri8.

    Text file output --> fields --> dont specify string length and set trim type to both


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