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Thread: How to Dynamically render Table name and File name in pentaho DI

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    Question How to Dynamically render Table name and File name in pentaho DI

    have a requirement in which one source is a table and one source is a file. I need to join these both on a column. The problem is that I can do this for one table with one transformation but I need to do it for multiple set of files and tables to load into another set of specific files as target using the same transformation.
    Breaking down my requirement more specifically :

    Source Table Source File Target File

    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_0 VoiceRevenue0 ProfileVoice0
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_1 VoiceRevenue1 ProfileVoice1
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_2 VoiceRevenue2 ProfileVoice2
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_3 VoiceRevenue3 ProfileVoice3
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_4 VoiceRevenue4 ProfileVoice4
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_5 VoiceRevenue5 ProfileVoice5
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_6 VoiceRevenue6 ProfileVoice6
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_7 VoiceRevenue7 ProfileVoice7
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_8 VoiceRevenue8 ProfileVoice8
    VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_9 VoiceRevenue9 ProfileVoice9

    The table and file names are always corresponding i.e. VOICE_INCR_REVENUE_PROFILE_0 should always join with VoiceRevenue0 and the result should be stored in ProfileVoice0. There should be no mismatches in this case. I tried setting the variables with table names and file names, but it only takes on value at a time. All table names and file names are constant. Is there any other way to get around this. Any help would be appreciated.

    Devi Prasad.

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    I would create a Kettle job consisting of two transformations, the first one providing rows containing name sets, the second one executing for each row taking the names as parameter values - a well known pattern.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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