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Thread: split table 2 sets of columns

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    Default split table 2 sets of columns

    I have a postgresql table "A" and would like to separate it into two tables "B" and "C" each taking a different set of columns. from "A". Is it possible to do it using Spoon? What tool should I use?


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    If tables B and C are in the same database as A, I would use a SQL job entry (INSERT ... SELECT) for this.
    Else I would create a transformation.
    That transformation needs an input step (Table Input) to provide a total (SELECT *) or combined projection (SELECT id, col1, col2) of table A.
    Also we need an output step (Table Output) for each projection (B, C) we want to persist.
    Connect the input step to both output steps selecting "Distribute" for data movement.
    Now configure the output steps.
    Enabling table truncation might be a good idea, too.
    Action "Get Fields" will provide you the list of columns you can use for the projection.
    Good luck.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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