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Thread: Text-field of parameters (MDX)

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    Default Text-field of parameters (MDX)


    I'm using a query MDX with parameters, as follows:

    Parameter "pFirm" receives a MDX query data. The "value" field is "::column::2" and Display Name "::column::1". So the value is a member ([Firm.Firm].[Enterprise Inc.]);
    In the query with the report data I'm using the command "StrToMember(Parameter("pFirm", STRING, "[Firm.Firm].[All_Firm]"))".

    So far is OK, but I need to appear in the report the value of the selected parameter. If I put the parameter "pFirm" in the report the value presented is "[Firm.Firm].[Enterprise Inc.]", but I need to be just "Enterprise Inc."

    There a way to do this?

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    I did it!

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