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Thread: Deploy open source platform into multi tenant environment

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    Default Deploy open source platform into multi tenant environment

    Is it possible to deploy the Pentaho platform open source version into a multi tenant environment where each tenant has their own database?

    if so, can anybody point me at some tutorials on how to deploy this?

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    Yes is the answer. There are not any good tutorials that I know of. You have several approaches as it's really both an infrastructure architecture and solution architecture problem.
    If you want to provide dashboards etc to different users, you can do thinks like parameterizing the datasources per tenant. You can also do things with session variables which are variables that can be initialized by PDI ktrs and the Webdetails Startup plugin in Marketplace each time a user logs in to allow your database aware solutions to join on certain keys etc. It takes a lot of in-depth knowledge and planning to do what you want. If you're trying to go complete CE, then study the configurations and pieces like the Jackrabbit repository. You'll certainly have to look at source code to derive some of the answers and there will be trial and error.

    If you have money, enterprise edition AND Pentaho Services engagement would be the best approach to getting the planning and configuration down. Very few community people should be expected to have the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the platform to pull it off. It's not that there is secret sauce or documentation, it's just infrequently done in the community itself. The Pentaho tools are so flexible that the choice of how and what to do often take wisdom that comes through project wins, failures and work experience.

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