Warning - tech entry ahead. You'll know if this is useful to you.

We migrated from artifactory to nexus. This means that some of the older branches / tags may fail when resolving. While we updated a bunch of config files, in order to try to maintain as much compatibility as possible the build team just told me they set up a reverse proxy to the old urls.

Here's the email I got from our build team:

We wanted to give you a heads-up that we are now reverse proxying http://repo.pentaho.org/artifactory/repo/ over to the Nexus omni group http://nexus.pentaho.org/content/groups/omni/

All the Artifactory repos have been migrated over to Nexus and we have cleaned up as many bad ivy.xml files as we could find.

Please keep an eye out for any community complaints regarding artifact resolution from repo.pentaho.org and let us know. We’ve done some testing (e.g. building an old 4.8 kettle tag), but it certainly is not exhaustive.

We will be taking both the internal and external Artifactory processes offline, but will leave the repos there for some time for backup/restore purposes until we feel we have been clear of any issues long enough.

Steve Maring
So let us know if you find something off. The Pentaho community mailing list is a good place