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    Wink Mondrian4 - OSGI - IvySE - Saiku

    Greetings developers and community members,

    This thread is intended to spur interest in Mondrian 4, IvySE, OSGI and Saiku on both the Enterprise Edition and Community Edition of the Business Analytics servers released by Pentaho. I wanted to have my favorite tools available on EE and CE and was initially disappointed because they seemed to work in some measure on CE releases but not EE. I began reading Will's blog to understand what may be happening.
    As of this writing January 11, 2015 our understanding of things is as follows.

    Running Saiku 3 on BA Server

    If you are running Pentaho 5.2.1-EE and would like to run Saiku and IvySE, you are in luck.
    To get Saiku running, one must delete the olap4j files contained within pentaho-solutions/system/saiku/lib. Also you must add some imports the Mondrian 4's jar's MANIFEST.MF file which is located within pentaho-solutions/system/osgi/bundles/mondrian- file. It is located within the jar file itself in a directory called META-INF. See:

    All that is required is to replace line 63, the second Import line... with the following addition

    Import-Package: org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.messages.Messages;org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.PentahoDataSourceResolver;org.olap4j.OlapConnection;org.olap4j.driver.xmla;resolution:=optional,org.olap4j.d
    That weird looking last part org.olap4j.d is to end the line such that when it wraps the rest of the word 'driver' is completed. Java does not seem to mind that our modification does not wrap lines the way the rest of the file does.

    That's all that is required. You can restart your EE server and enjoy Saiku the way you previously did, and more because it is constantly evolving.
    Saiku 3 should work on your 5.2.1-EE server now.

    IvySE and schema support for Mondrian 3 and Mondrian 4.
    If you have not tried the latest IvySE, you should. Available in the marketplace on Tuesday, January 12, 2015. It has been updated to reveal far more information about schemas than it did previously. In our business we have 60 cubes or so in many different schema files. Now they are easier to deal with. There are several features that I am thinking about implementing for yet another release.
    1. A download button so people can save the schema.xml files to disk and make easy backups.
    2. An import button to allow you to upload a schema. Saves you a trip to managing datasources.
    3. Supporting the creation of Mondrian 4 connections.
    4. Add a feature create a duplicate of an existing schema and convert it to Mondrian 4 format. See my request below for a function to capture the conversion that appears in Mondrian 4 logs.

    Where I need responses / learning / improvement.

    I see the file pentaho-solutions/system/ and know from Will's blog that this is the place to define Mondrian 4 connections, but do not know what one would look like for using a schema backed by MySQL, Postgres or Vertica. Would someone be able to provide an example connecting to Foodmart or steelwheels using those databases?

    What are the rules? Is is necessary to restart the server after modifying the properties file, or is there some way to edit the file and then get the server to re-read it and make the connections available?

    I trust the blog so far in understanding that datasources that use jdbc:mondrian4: will be able to issue MDX queries. If someone provides a datasource definition for something other than mongodb, I'll update everyone on how to interact with Mondrian 4.

    Tom Barber and I have been talking about what improvements Saiku needs to really take advantage of the new features of Mondrian 4. Measure groups come to mind. Next week Tom should have enhanced Saiku to allow IvySE to launch a new instance of Saiku opened directly on the schema and cube you are editing in IvySE. I wanted this mechanism in there to help us all rapidly, "Edit, save, view" cycle through developing Mondrian 4 schemas.

    Tom tells me that in Mondrian 4, if you up the debug level and open a Mondrian 3 style schema, that in the logging, a Mondrian 4 schema conversion is output.
    If one of the Mondrian developers would see fit, could we get a function call that I can capture the output of to make a sort of schema converter to jumpstart people into using Mondrian 4 without completely re-writing their schema files by hand?

    If some folks can teach me more about Mondrian 4 here on the forum, I will commit to getting features in IvySE and work with the community on Saiku to make it easier to explore and put into production Mondrian 4 schemas. You'll have a better schema editor and Saiku OLAP experience to boot.

    Feel free to create JIRA's in whatever way you know necessary to get results. At the moment, I have a vision for the end result, but lack the specific knowledge to write a JIRAs to cover what exactly is required.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help. With luck, bright minds like Diethard Steiner, Luc and Will will chime in.
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