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Thread: Mondrian4 - OSGI - IvySE - Saiku

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    It's been a while, sorry. My father-in-law with terminal cancer of the lung and brain stayed with us. We were busy taking care of him from February until he passed away April 22, 2015.

    I patched Saiku in my own repository to work against Pentaho 5.3 EE, which contains a lot of the requirements provided by Tom's package of Mondrian in an OSGI bundle for the Pentaho 5.3 CE. My version probably will not work in CE without his bundle. For those of you interested in cloning and building the code you can get it from my repository

    The current issue that I am looking into is the schema name duplication that comes back from the Pentaho Platform. At the very least, you can install Saiku and access your cubes, but each one in the list is duplicated.
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    First of all, that's sad to hear. I am sorry for your loss, Smoodo.

    Has there been any progress on the integration of Mondrian 4 into Pentaho CE? I was very excited when I stumbled upon this thread since I am currently trying to get Pentaho CE running with Mondrian 4 myself. I was trying to follow Will's blog post (, however a few of the referenced jars are not available any more. So I was happy to read that Tom put together a plugin to do the heavy lifting for installing the required binaries. Where can I get this plugin? Is this Plugin all it needs to get the Saiku Plugin running with Mondrian 4?

    Thanks for your support. Highly appreciated,


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    Hi all,

    it's been a while and since my last post I managed to get Mondrian 4 running on Pentaho 5.4 based on Will's blog post. However, since Mondrian 4 is not well integrated in the rest of the Pentaho platform I am only able to use Mondrian 4 cubes within CDE by manually configuring the data connection for every CDA query.

    Thus I got pretty excited when I read about Pentaho 6 and its extended OSGI support. But sadly, the approach as layed out in Will's post does not work anymore.

    Does anybody know about the steps required to get Mondrian 4 running in Pentaho 6?

    Thanks for your support,


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    I also would like to get Mondrian 4 working with Pentaho 6.0 CE. I prefer to use the Pentaho server with the Saiku plugin. It appears I have to make a choice between being stuck with Mondrian 3 on Pentaho or moving to Saiku standalone.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Hi Marvin

    I believe you sent a message through our website that I've not had chance to respond to yet. You can use Saiku Plugin on Pentaho 6 CE but its Mondrian 3 only, Mondrian 4 data sources aren't exposed and the Community Mondrian 4 stuff is for Pentaho 5. Do you specifically need Mondrian 4, or just a working Saiku installation?

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