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Thread: how to reference pentaho server datasource from a kettle endpoint in sparkl plugin

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    Default how to reference pentaho server datasource from a kettle endpoint in sparkl plugin

    I'm trying to implement my first plugin with sparkl .
    I have defined a kettle endpoint that read a table from a datasource defined in kettle and returns the result to a dashboard .
    i'm using a kettle trasformation because the query is build dynamically based on input parameters ( also the fields and the table ) .
    however i would prefer to use the datasource already defined in the pentaho server and not that defined in the kettle transformation .
    is there any way to reference a datasource defined in the pentaho server from a kettle endpoint in a sparkl plugin ?
    thanks for any answer .

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    you can use when you create a transformation give the JNDI name in transformation which would be same as your pentaho server name. when you add a new dashboard as element add that endpoint from data sources list ans select that datasource from you component where you want to show your data.

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    thanks , i have undestand ( is like the case of a PRD report when you want execute from the designer and deploy it into a BA server wiyhout change configuration ) .
    but what in the case where i want to execute a mondrian input ?
    how can reference teh schema deployed in the BA server ( i think it ids in teh jackrabbit repostitory ) .
    In the case of a PRD reports i have the field "Logical Schema Name on Server" where i put the name of the schema on the server .
    In the PDI component mondrian input i cans see only the field "Catalog Location" .
    So , is there a solution in this case ?
    thanks for any answer

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