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Thread: how to start Pentaho BI Server?

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    Default how to start Pentaho BI Server?


    I'm new to Pentaho and I just downloaded the Pentaho BIServer CE 5.2 for Windows and got it downloaded on Windows 2012 R2 Server.

    How do I start the BI Server application?

    I first ran the "set-pentaho-env.bat" and then I ran the "start-pentaho.bat" but when it executes I see the command window appear and disappear quickly but nothing happens afterwards.

    Am I launching this application correctly?


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    You are launching the application correctly. When I launch start-pentaho.bat, cmd opens a tomcat terminal which runs itself.

    Launch your browser and search localhost. You will be brought to pentaho-bi log in.

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    you didn't mention it... but do you have Java installed? pentaho and its tools require java, if you have java installed you probably need to configure the JAVA_HOME variable

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