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Thread: Report Viewer - Output type - filename extension missing

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    Default Report Viewer - Output type - filename extension missing

    Selecting a PDF, Excel or CSV output type when viewing a report displays a file download dialog with the file extension missing:
    Name: report
    Type: Unknown File Type

    I found an archived forum post wich seemed to describe the exact issue I am having, but I'm not sure if the solution is relevant in the current version?

    Is there any solution to this with the current version?

    As you may know, the targeted end users of BI systems are rarely technically savvy and may struggle with appending filetypes when downloading/exporting reports and will likely consider the report 'broken'.

    Any help is appreciated, Laz

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    I have fixed it by compiling my own servlet and replacing original one.


    if (!mimetype.equalsIgnoreCase("text/html")) {
    String fileName = contentItem.getTitle();
    fileName = fileName.replace(' ', '_');
    fileName = fileName + MimeHelper.getExtension(mimetype);
    response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "inline; filename=\"" + fileName + "\"");
    Now it works OK.

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