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    Is there any tool available that can help me write MDX queries? - I am pretty much struggling with the simplest of mdx queries even though i understand sql pretty well. Since i have to nail down some immediate reports for my boss it will be great to be able to use some kind of tool even if its not close to perfect.

    I figured out this tool Rex (waRehouse EXplorer) but not sure if its the correct one. I was unable to configure it as i don't know the datasource paths for pentaho.

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    If you use any available GUI you can get the queries by constructing them. Currently in Pentaho CE you can use Pivot4j or Saiku (use Marketplace to install needed plugin). Both will help you build the query visually and provide resulting MDX. Those provided queries are a good start. Then you just read the documentation of MDX and experiment.

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    Saiku and Pivot4j are good options. Rex is a pretty good tool as well-- if you're using Pentaho you'll need to enable Xmla to the Analysis connections. ( EnableXmla=true )

    The XMLA URL will be something like

    One thing to be aware of- the pentaho install by default sets MDX case sensitivity to true, which is annoying for someone entering manual MDX. Find the file under system/mondrian and turn that off.

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    Thank you guys - I am giving Saiku a spin right now! will see how it goes.

    @Case sensitive - THAT's it -- i was annoyed with case sensitivity already. I will just disable it.

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    And to be quite clear -- knowing SQL will not help you in mastering MDX. In some cases good SQL skill (not knowledge, but skill) will make your head blown with MDX constructs. So try to start fresh as if you know nothing about querying -- thats my IMHO on the subject.

    Please, keep going on MDX -- that is the really amazing thing when mastered well

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