I am trying to convert a report with chart and a grid into html and render it to a Iframe, But it renders without chart,
in my controller i not using HtmlReportUtil.createStreamHTML (Learnt from other posts ),

I tried to use HtmlReportUtil.createDirectoryHTML() but i still cant get the chart or image, it creates plain Html with grid and style.css (charts and images missing),

I also tried to write custom Html printer and tried this piece of code from(http://forums.pentaho.com/showthread...-Stream-Output)

final StreamRepository targetRepository = new StreamRepository(response.getOutputStream());
final ContentLocation targetRoot = targetRepository.getRoot();

final HtmlOutputProcessor outputProcessor = new StreamHtmlOutputProcessor(report.getConfiguration());
final HtmlPrinter printer = new ReportHtmlPrinter(report.getResourceManager());

printer.setContentWriter(targetRoot, new DefaultNameGenerator(targetRoot, "index", "html"));


final StreamReportProcessor sp = new StreamReportProcessor(report, outputProcessor);

and above all things works exactly as expected in a simple java console application,

Please help me to find how can i bring charts in Spring MVC web application.[/QUOTE]