I could not believe when someone showed this to me last week, in a "oh, did you know.." kind'a a way.

My reaction was immediate - "How come I didn't know about this?!?! Freakin' amazing!"

Turns out, there's a very very cool "easter egg" in PDI. Instead of dragging the element (transformation step or job entry) to the spoon canvas, we can double click on that element and it will be placed on the canvas already connected with the previously selected element!

Screenshoting it: Put a step on the canvas

Put a step on the canvas, select it
Double click on some other step - magic happens!

The step will appear connected to the selected one

And there's more. What do we all do after putting a step in the canvas? Yeah, we double click on it to configure the step. So now, try to hold the shift key while you double click. If you're a heavy kettle user by now you should be saying something on the lines of "holy cow!!" :)

Shift-double-click will immediately open the step dialogue

And that's it for today's section of "Useful Tips". Have fun!