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Thread: Getting WCDF parameters

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    Default Getting WCDF parameters

    Hi all!
    I've a relatively simple question: it is possible to ask the BA server the list of the parameters needed to render a WCDF dashboard trough API?

    I know that for the PRPT reports you have to do a request similar to the following: public:quattroc:Reports:consume-energy.prpt/parameter

    Or, in alternatively: it is possible to pass initialization parameters during invocation e.g. public:quattroc: Dashboard: Dashboard1.wcdf/generatedContent?myDateParam="july"

    so to have my fancy dashboard preselected with "july"?

    Thank you in advance

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    There's no built-in support for initialization parameters in CDE. You need to code it in your dashboard. We do have the notion of bookmarkable parameters (it's one of the options in the parameter properties). If the parameter is bookmarkable you can set its value in the query string using the # tag. Something like: public:quattroc: Dashboard: Dashboard1.wcdf/generatedContent#bookmarkable={myDateParam: 'july'}

    Not sure about the exact syntax after the hash, but search the ctools forums because I know there are similar threads there.
    Pedro Vale
    CTools Product Development

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