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Thread: Priming Mondrian Cache on Pentaho 5.2 using Action Sequence (xaction)

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    Default Priming Mondrian Cache on Pentaho 5.2 using Action Sequence (xaction)


    I use Pentaho BI server 5.2 CE. My goal it to flush and prime Mondrian cache daily after running daily ETL job. I want to flush the cache because I need fresh data. I want to prime the cache because it takes too long to initialize cache (loading dashboards) after flushing (when I access dashboards for a first time).

    Flushing is done as a last step of daily ETL. No problem. (Links from CDC used to prime particular cubes.)

    For the priming I use scheduled Action sequence (xaction). The priming runs. Mondrian cache is primed. But when I access the dashboards, all the SQL queries are executed again (checked in this log mondrian_sql.log). So loading takes a same time as before (without priming).

    JDBC: dwh
    Analysis: OlapSchema (OlapSchema.mondrian.xml)

    I was not able to run Action Sequence when location was set this way <location>OlapSchema.mondrian.xml</location>. I thought it will refer to the analysis source defined in Pentaho "Data Sources". Wasn't working - it was trying to access the file on the same path as the xaction file is = /home/cache/OlapSchema.mondrian.xml and caused error.
    After adding the schema here /home/cache/OlapSchema.xml I was finally able to run the xaction. But I think xaction refer to the different schema file than dashboards (physical location: first one in "/home/cache/" , second one in "Data Sources"). So the xaction don't primes the same cache as dashboards uses afterwards.

    Am I missing something? Do the dashboards really use different cache than the xaction? Or is there another way to prime the Mondrian cache on Pentaho 5.2?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <title>Prime Mondrian Cache</title>
        <description>Prime Mondrian Cache action</description>  
        <query2_result type="result-set"/>
          <action-type>OLAP Connection</action-type>
            <catalog type="resource"/>
            <prepared_component type="mdx-connection" mapping="shared_olap_connection"/>
            <prepared_component type="mdx-connection" mapping="shared_olap_connection"/>
            <query-results type="result-set" mapping="query2_result"/>
                    [Measures].[Total Shipments]
                ON 0,
                    {{[Date.Monthly].[Year].Members}, {[Date.Monthly].[Month].Members}} 
                ON 1
                FROM [Shipments]

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    Was there a solution to this issue. I'm wanting to prime my cache as well and are having similar issues.

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