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Thread: bi-server UI not fully working on one machine

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    Unhappy bi-server UI not fully working on one machine


    we have the problem that we cannot get biserver-ce to fully run on one particular machine.

    We thought this was related to "reckless copying" (see )
    but we now reiinstalled from stratch, identically, on several machines.
    On one, several functionality is missing, the easiest testable being the "INSTALL" button not showing up on any Language Pack installer".
    Also the order of the "Tools" dropdown items is different.

    We install biserver, configure for postgres, create the schema, configure tomcat.
    start, unistall CDE, CFE etc and install the stable versions. restart. install language pack installer. Go to Langage Pack installer.
    Looks like it should, just no "install button". (not in HTML DOM, so not a CSS or display problem).

    Also deleted all suspicious .pentaho and such files in user home.

    So, install and database is identical among (now 4) machines, but it does not fully work on just one.

    Everything looks identical otherwise, looking at files, version.xml files, logfiles, ...

    We are quite desperate by now, as the not working machine was supposed to be our production machine (Opteron 8 cores, Suse 13.1 all updates, Java7 latest)...
    Any ideas just how to continue debugging are really appreciated.

    Thanks, Tom.
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    Tom Eicher ---

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